In addition to the women special there is the 7 Level Training for anyone

Effective self-defense

  • Easy to learn
  • Effective and fast solutions
  • No experience necessary

Coordination and blocks

  • Distance and stance
  • Various blocs
  • Release grabs

Counter and release techniques

  • Counter strikes
  • Kicks
  • Unconventional release techniques


Online training – anytime and anywhere

  • Detailed explanations for all techniques
  • Slow motion and different point of views of every technique
  • 6 months access, no subscription

Effective solutions

  • Learn techniques for real self-defense situations
  • Train correct self-defense behaviour
  • Raise your awareness for dangerous situations and possible attacks

Increased self-confidence

  • Extend your scope of action level by level
  • React with confidence in a potential confrontation
  • Defend yourself in an appropriate manner

How it works

This is how it works:

Amnon Maor’s 7 Level System is an effective and contemporary self-defense training.

The system is based on simple techniques and fast solutions for various kinds of confrontation. In the last decades, Amnon has taught self defense to very different people. In our program he passes on all his knowledge and experience in a concise and easy-to-understand manner.

Out of the vast self defense techniques he specifically selected those that can be learned the easiest and are at the same time extremely effective – you will benefit from his knowledge and experience!

The techniques work, independent of your sex, height, fitness, or experience in martial art. You will learn to react appropriately to potential threats.

  • Fighting stance and balance
  • Defense against chokes and punches
  • Blocks and effective counter strikes
  • Kicks, knee and elbow strikes
  • Gun disarm
  • Defense against knife attacks
  • Unconverntional releases

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Women Special

Self-defense for women – The 10 most effective techniques

Amnon Maor developed special self-defense techniques for women. These techniques are easy to learn.

We focus on releases against chokes, bear-hugs and attacks from behind. In addition we demonstrate how to use tools such as keys, umbrellas or bottles as effective self-defense tools.

The aim is to feel safe and to be able to defend yourself at any time!

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Effective self-defense for women

  • Special techniques for women
  • Fast and effective solutions
  • No previous knowledge in martial arts necessary

Blocs and attacks

  • Various blocs
  • Release techniques
  • Effective defense

Surprise the opponent

  • Unorthodox release techniques
  • Post counter-attack strategy
  • Daily tools as effective defense tools



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