MAOR PIN for women


The MAOR PIN is a self‐defense tool. Thanks to the different pressure and blow options, you can cause the attacker great pain. Suitable targets for a blow are the shoulder joints, elbows, ribs, certain nerve points and the wrists.

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The MAOR PIN is several centimetres longer than the width of a man’s hand. As a result, the pin protrudes slightly on both sides. Rubber rings in the MAOR PIN provide a better grip.

Men also have a chance against superior opponents in a fight thanks to the small baton. More than 250 nerve pressure points on the body offer a number of possible points of attack.

The advantage of the MAOR PIN is that it doesn’t take up much room. The PIN is also not classified as a blunt or sharp weapon and therefore may be carried on your person.

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Length: 16 cm
Stick diameter: 2 cm

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