Self-defence with the MAOR PIN


Aside from online self-defence training, at Self Defense Maor, there are also tools for self-defence. The MAOR PIN is a small baton, slightly wider than a man or a woman’s hand. Therefore, it can comfortably be carried everywhere. In addition, the PIN is neither a side arm nor a thrust arm and is therefore permitted in Germany. Rubber rings on the PIN ensure a better grip. Like all self-defence weapons, the MAOR PIN is made of hard material. At Self Defense Maor, the baton is made of high-quality wood.

The MAOR PIN is available in two different sizes, for men and for women. With the PIN, men and women have a chance even in a fight against superior opponents. With more than 250 nerve pressure points, the body offers a number of attack possibilities. Thanks to different pressure and stroke variations, severe pain can be caused to an attacker.

The MAOR PIN is therefore suitable to attack the perpetrator’s joints and places with lots of nerve endings. The MAOR PIN’s leverage effect is also often used in order to overstretch various parts of the body and, in an emergency, also break them.

Anyone who is pinned or even choked by an attacker can free himself with a hit or a stab to the right point. This is a promising defensive action, even for people who are already lying on the floor. With relevant defensive techniques, you must note that clothing can curtail the hits and stabs.

Together with the online self-defence seminar from SELF Defense Maor, the MAOR PIN is the perfect combination to protect yourself from attacks. The shoulder joints, elbows, ribs, wrists or certain nerve points such as the area under the armpits, the solar plexus in the stomach or the area behind the knee are appropriate targets for a hit or a stab.

In the Self Defense Maor online shop, order the MAOR PIN for men as well as the one for women!