The advantages of self defence


Today, there is an increasing amount of acts of violence. In particular, women often become the victims of sexual attacks or robberies. In an online self-defence seminar, you can learn the most effective techniques and tactics in order to stand up against perpetrators.

One benefit of self-defence is that you feel safer on the streets at night. If you are attacked, you can better put up a fight with the things that you learned in the online self-defence seminar. Yet self-defence does not just serve to protect your body against an attacker. People who participate in a self-defence seminar increase their self-esteem and self-confidence. In particular, women who know that they are no longer have to defencelessly surrender themselves to attackers gain a significant amount of self-confidence.

Because you do not just learn how to use your body to put up a fight in self-defence seminars like SELF DEFENSE MAOR, other skills like the ability to concentrate and your capability to respond are noticeably improved. But a self-defence training course should also be fun. Now, online self-defence seminars</strong> like SELF DEFENSE MAOR offer the possibility to complete self-defence training anytime, anywhere. And of course, there is the possibility of completing the training together with a relative or friend. The advantage of this is that you can better assess situations, because you have already tested the self-defence training on another person. After a few training sessions, you will very quickly discover that you move through the streets in a more balanced and quiet manner.

Through regular self-defence training, participants can improve their physical constitution and skills. This includes an increase in agility, flexibility and mobility. Furthermore, balance and coordination are improved. In turn, this leads to better posture and therefore also to better body language. In addition, muscle strength is improved. Regular self-defence training also boosts the cardiovascular system. Online self-defence seminars like SELF DEFENSE MAOR offer many advantages. Aside from the techniques that are learned to successfully defend yourself against attackers, health and well-being are improved.

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