The most important steps with SELF DEFENSE MAOR: The use of techniques


Self defense techniques must be implemented extremely fast and also under pressure. The SELF DEFENSE MAOR methods are not pretty to look at, but they are efficient. Efficiency is the most important factor in a street fight. The duration of the defense should be no more than two seconds. In case it doesn’t work another technique must be applied immediately until there is success. Never give up! A street fight must end within a few seconds. It is of utmost importance that all techniques have to be applied with total determination. The easiest and fastest way is the most efficient.

A solid block is essential! For a block you move backwards if you are planning to move forward during a fight. The weaker hand should always block or grip so that the stronger hand is free for a strike. SELF DEFENSE MAOR’s key base is control, not the immediate fight. The forearm or the open hand must be moved to the offender’s elbow, but in a loose manner. It is not advisable to move the hand towards the offender’s elbow in a stern way, otherwise he might get aggressive. The offender’s wrist should only be gripped when dealing him a blow. Gripping the little finger is also a problem for a strong opponent.

During movements always go backwards if possible. That is a good reaction. It is advisable to only move backwards once and then sideways. During movements both arms should always be in front of the body. Here, too, a short duration and speed are of importance. Slow movements give the offender time. Sideways movements and fighting – at a 45 degree angle to the offender – are very efficient. This way you are on outside of the „power line“ and can bring yourself into a very good position.