What is the difference between Krav Maga and SELF DEFENSE MAOR?


Originally Krav Maga was developed for the army. It is a very agressive proramme and aims to disable or even kill the enemy. The main issues are cobats, kicks, hits, elbowing – short and aggresive moves. In comparison to that SELF DEFENSE MAOR (originally: KRAV MAGA MAOR) is purely a technique for self defence which can be learnt by women, children and people who have no prior knowledge in self defence.

While with Krav Maga the main focus is on (necessary) killing with SELF DEFENSE MAOR de-escalation is the first priority. The goal is to control, not to kill. This self defence programme teaches people how to get out of dangerous situations. Only if a fight is unavoidable the option should be to fight – however only as long as danger is imminent.

SELF DEFENSE MAOR is very efficient since the technique focuses on the weak points of the opponent. Focal areas like throat, eyes, ears, etc. cannot be trained to be immune. Therefore it is not important how strong or tall the opponent is as he is vulnerable in these areas. Using this method short defensive moves and attacks are being taught. Short and vigorous, just like an espresso, and not mixed and smooth like a capuccino.

SELF DEFENSE MAOR also strengthens self-confidence of each individual. Any person with self-confidence and resolve is less likely to become a victim than a person lacking these attributes. Amnon Maor, the creator of Krav Maga and SELF DEFENSE MAOR does however point out that there never is a 100 percent guarantee to repel an attack in the street. But thanks to this self defense method every person has a realistic chance to fend off any attack may it be physical or psychological. Learning the technique will not take 25 years. Some basic grips can be rehearsed within a few minutes. Amnon Maor has been teaching his self-defense method in seminars in Europe and oversees since 2001.